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Family Circle…a vision


The whole essence of Marriage is to bring happiness and joy and not endurance. But in most cases people are enduring. Must it be so? I heard of a man who put his wedding ring in a wrong finger. When his attention was drawn to this, he laughed hysterically and said, ‘I know, it’s because I married a wrong woman’! It’s not because he married a wrong woman, it’s because one, he prepared adequately for wedding and not for marriage. Two, he did not know what to do to sustain his marriage. This is a tip of iceberg in what is happening in homes globally. No wonder the alarming rate of divorce here and there!

Marriage is the only institution where Certificates are obtained without formal Training. This training starts after the wedding. This is the essence of Family Circle, a vision well received, clean and clear in the year 1994. On marriage, some books have been published, others are in the pipeline. Video tapes are recorded. Seminars are organized. Lectures are serialised on Radio & Television – all for the sake of peace and joy sustenance in families, and guiding the youth on what it means to be a man or a woman worthy of being called ‘a spouse’.

In this blog, free counseling is available to all and sundry. In the College of Marriage, there is no age limit; no time-lag for training. You learn till you bid the world  ‘farewell’. Family Circle is there for you to adequately translate Marriage lifestyle in such a way that you will be happy within yourself that you have a happy home.

Our counseling lines are: +234 – 8064303067,  7082929249, 8050353002, 8098403067